Compassionate Respite Care

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*Childcare & Emergency Respite during 2021

At this time Tender Kare will ONLY be offering emergency respite childcare during the year of 2021. We understand the pressure that has been on parents since COVID-19 and want to give you a break. For more information please contact us or visit our Tender Kare Facebook.

Tender Kare is here to support you. Everyone needs a step away from time to time, and our respite care in Holland, MI, allows you to take a breath and time to recharge. Our home-based respite service offers assistance when you need it most. When we realized there is little to no support for parents with children who require special assistance, Tender Kare was born. We have a strong background in caring for children, including those with medical and psychological conditions. We give parents the assistance they need during emergencies and always offer on-going support.

Benefits of using Tender Kare:

  • Licensed through the state of MI.
  • Approved to receive payments through Community Mental Health.
  • 20+ years of personal and professional experience working with children that are medically fragile, have trauma, ADHD, autism, and various special needs.
  • Works with Great Start To Quality to keep up with educational material and MI licensing guidelines.
  • Promotes healthy eating and is a participant in CACFP.
  • Builds personal relationships with family.
  • Teaches children lifestyle skills to ensure child is able to thrive to their fullest potential.

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