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With determination, motivation and participation, we will make a positive impact on this generation.

Inspirational and Motivational Services 

"All my life, I felt like God has been preparing me for this, and I am up for the challenge." - Director  T.K.

With over 20 years of working within the special needs and at-risk communities, TTIMS is here to offer the support you need. We are driven to motivate and inspire people to become responsible, productive, and healthy contributors to their community and to our nation. We are your first choice for inspirational and motivational services. TTIMS encourages individuals to recognize their particular value and provides them with the skills they need to succeed in life. With our guidance coaching, we hope to teach humanity how to turn adverse events in their lives into positive lessons that will carry them into the future. 

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Being Present For Humanity

"With determination, motivation, and participation, we will make a positive impact on this generation." - Director  T.K.

Our services are entirely confidential, and we hold your privacy to the highest standards. We are ready to assist the following agencies and individuals at any time:

  • Foster/Adoption Agencies
  • Foster/Adoptive Parents
  • Kinship Families
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • At-Risk Teens
  • Juvenile/Correction Facilities
  • Mental Health and Counseling Agencies
  • Coping/Emotional Supprt Groups
  • Special Needs Community

Mission Statement

Tiffany Tiffany Inspiration and Motivational Service (TTIMS) is a non-profit orgainzation that inspires and motivates humanity to seek their individual value and provide lifestyle skills that will enable them to be responsible, productive, and healthy citizens while making a positive contribution to our nation.

We can help elevate you to your potential. 
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