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With determination, motivation and participation, we will make a positive impact on this generation.

Inspirational and Motivational Services 

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Tiffany Tiffany Inspiration and Motivational Service (TTIMS) is a 501c3 non-profit orgainzation that inspires and motivates humanity to seek their individual values and provide lifestyle skills that will enable them to be responsible, productive, and healthy citizens while making a positive contribution to our nation.  

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Being Present For Humanity

We Know. We Care. That's Why We're There.

We are ready to assist the following agencies and individuals at any time:

  • Foster/Adoption Agencies
  • Foster/Adoptive Parents
  • Kinship Families
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • At-Risk Teens
  • Juvenile/Correction Facilities
  • Mental Health and Counseling Agencies
  • Coping/Emotional Support Groups
  • Special Needs Community
We specialize in providing services to adoption, foster, kinship and special need families. These services include educational classes, respite care, family visitation space, health and fitness classes and support groups. Our aim is to provide services that will bridge the gap between adoption, foster, kinship parents and their children to break communication barriers and create healthy strong families.

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